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An Award Winning Platform Used Globally For

Graphics Workflow

Mastering Graphics Control: Erizos Studio At Fox Sports

Discover how Erizos Studio revolutionized graphics control at Fox Sports and transformed their broadcast operations.



A groundbreaking application that is revolutionizing the broadcast industry. With Erizos Studio, you can control Unreal Engine and create show-stopping magic in real time. Discover a world of game-changing power and interactive creativity at your fingertips, all seamlessly integrated into your broadcast workflow for a superior experience.

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Render Engine Agnostic

Studio boasts a render engine agnostic approach, which means you can effortlessly control and manage multiple render engines – including Unreal Engine, Vizrt, Pixotope, CasperCG and Singular – all from one simple, intuitive interface. Break free from render technology and choose the best tool for the job every time.


With Studio, you can create multiple playlists and nested groups, and easily drag and drop between them. The application offers features such as inline editing, advanced filters, dynamic columns, quick lookup and channel assignment. You can also cache and pre-load all assets, including dynamic images, and also tackle multiple pages at the same time with multiple system support.

UI Builder

Studio’s UI Builder lets you create user-friendly interfaces from a vast library of components, and also create custom logic and behaviors using javascript or typescript. Develop reusable components and script libraries and intuitively link components to data feeds without the need for any coding.

Live Preview

Studio give you real-time previews of graphics and content, and supports both fully animated and snapshot previews, as well as scalable remote previews for large workflows.

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Profile Editor / Multiple Outputs

Studio can effortlessly meet the demands of complex workflows with its multi-render engine support and intuitive drag and drop assignments. Set up profiles for multi-studio workflows, while multiple channels support complex multi-engine setups.


Avoid issues with automatic asset caching for low latency playout and monitor the health of any render engine in your network. Studio also lets you set rules to prevent common issues such as disk full, while full engine logs provide diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities.


Add graphics to stories using the Erizos plugin in NRCS. Rundowns can be created and synced to NRCS in real time using the latest HTML technology. The plugin also offers integration to Studio Automation Systems and backwards compatibility with older NRCS software such as ActiveX Plugin.

MediaHub Icon


Erizos Media Hub is a simple yet mighty media management system that allows users to easily manage and organize assets with just a few clicks. All your images, video clips and audio files in one streamlined interface that is easily searchable thanks to a powerful and scalable search engine and keywords and custom metadata model. Beyond just an organizational tool, MediaHub also automates asset ingest from watchfolders.

CreativeHub Icon


A fully integrative application for Unreal Engine that allows for limitless collaboration with team members across the globe. CreativeHub allows for collaborative storage within teams and across organizations. Easily share assets, and stay up to date on any changes with asset versioning and conflict resolution. CreativeHub requires zero configuration setup, so you can get to sharing straight away.

Unreal Plugins

Discover a world of plugins for Unreal Engine that allow for seamless integration and real-time communication, and can bring new features and functionalities to your next Unreal Engine project. These include:


Control plugins that allow you to easily control any property within Unreal Engine.

Visual Tools

Advanced Visual Tools that are made for broadcast.


Cloner and Effector Plugins for Motion Graphic workflows.


Javascript Plugin which allows script to be written in a standard, modern script language.

Technical Specs

Web Technology

Built using standard and established web technologies such as Node.JS, React, MongoDB and ElasticSearch.

Redundancy / Scalability

Guarantee uninterrupted workflows and reliability with scalability, load balancing, backup and redundancy with hot failover.

User Management

A straightforward user management process with full access and rights management on each folder level.

OnPremise Security / Cloud Compatible

An on-premise solution that can run virtualized and is fully compatible with cloud environments.

We Are Erizos

Pioneering Excellence in Real-time Broadcast Graphics

For more than ten years, the Erizos team has been at the forefront of innovation in the real-time graphics industry, guiding projects from their inception to successful deployment and operation during live broadcasts.

Fueled by a passion for both the technology and the broadcast industry, Erizos is dedicated to reaching unparalleled standards of quality. We develop solutions and products designed to bridge the gap between on-air graphics and post-production excellence. Our goal is to elevate the capabilities of the entire broadcast community, enhancing both the quality and efficiency of workflows across the industry.