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TV2 Denmark rely on Erizos Studio for the 2024 EU Election

TV2 Denmark partners with Erizos for their 2024 EU Election coverage, leveraging cutting-edge technology and creative solutions for an engaging broadcast experience.

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Products Used:

  • StudioStudio
  • AgentAgent

TV2 Denmark's Decision to Partner with Erizos Studio

TV2 Denmark made the strategic decision to partner with Erizos Studio for their coverage of the 2024 EU Election. This partnership comes after the successful collaboration during the 2022 Danish general and referendum elections, where TV2 Denmark experienced a seamless broadcast with the help of Erizos Studio's services.

By choosing Erizos Studio as the control for their EU election coverage, TV2 Denmark ensures that they have the right tools and technology required to produce a high-quality and engaging broadcast. This decision reflects TV2 Denmark's confidence in Erizos Studio's capabilities and their commitment to delivering exceptional election coverage to their viewers.

Creative Content Production Using Adobe After Effects

One of the key elements that sets TV2 Denmark's election coverage apart is the creative content production using Adobe After Effects. By utilizing this powerful software, TV2 Denmark is able to create visually stunning graphics, animations, and effects that enhance the viewer's experience.

 "All our designers are very competent using Adobe After Effects, and with our library of templates and assets, they are able to produce new stories on the fly at the request of producers. We have established an efficient workflow where content created is automatically transferred to Caspar CG playout servers and controlled in parallel with real time overlays generated by Vizrt engines. All from the same Erizos Studio control interface used both by control room operators and the presenters themselves."
Niels Borg, Head of Graphics, TV2 Denmark

The combination of Vizrt Viz Engine and Caspar CG allows TV2 Denmark to seamlessly integrate the content created using Adobe After Effects into their broadcast. This integration ensures that the graphics and animations are displayed accurately and in real-time, providing a dynamic and immersive viewing experience for the audience.

With the right tools and technology at their disposal, TV2 Denmark's producers, operators, and talent are able to collaborate effectively and deliver a seamless election broadcast that captivates viewers and keeps them engaged throughout the coverage.

Seamless Integration of Vizrt Engines and Caspar CG

TV2 Denmark's use of Erizos Studio includes the seamless integration of Vizrt Viz Engine and Caspar CG. These technologies play a crucial role in the broadcast by ensuring that the content created using Adobe After Effects is displayed accurately and in real-time with dynamic and live data displayed where needed.

The seamless integration of Vizrt engines and Caspar CG, combined with the creative content production using Adobe After Effects, enables TV2 Denmark to deliver a visually compelling and engaging election broadcast to their viewers with a cost efficient workflow and infrastructure.

Integrations used:

Vizrt Viz Engine

Caspar CG