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Erizos Studio

Take control of your graphics workflow.

Erizos Studio creates a unified workflow for all real-time render engines.

Built to Work With


Multi User

Multiple users can work on the same show, or different shows at the same time. All data is synced across all clients in real-time.

One UI

One User Interface that controls all your render engines. For CG operators and content teams.


Easily integrate automation systems via the REST API.

Social Integration

Use the Erizos Social browser extension to publish messages directly into your rundown.


Backup the centralized database with automatic fallback to a secondary database.

Web Technology

The web based infrastructure allows for seemless integration into existing workflows.

NCS Integration

Create an manage your content from NCS using the MOS integration.

Customized Interfaces

Customizing the interface is as easy as building an html page.

Multiple Outputs

Create, define and mangage multiple outpus and assign graphics to each of them, giving you full control over your graphics output from one centralized application.

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